Our Partners

Yates Bros (Stratford) Pty Ltd

2676 Booral Road
Booral, NSW 2425

YZY Kit Homes


18 St Johns Road
Maraylya , NSW 2765

YZY Kit Homes is a developer and manufacturer of high quality one room, 1 and 2 bedroom or custom design and size Scandinavian backyard cabins and granny flats. Flat-pack timber studios are mainly built for a family home, guest accommodation, holiday house, a home office, a pool house, parents retreat, teenage studio, art studio or a garden room.

YZY Pty Ltd


707/508 Riley Street
Surry HIlls, NSW 2010

YZY kithomes is a developer and supplier of quality single room, 1 bedroom or any other custom design and size solid timber backyard cabins used for a home office, guest room, parents or teenage retreat, art studio or a garden room.


Did you know?

A government report showed there is no evidence proving that harvesting timber from native forests has reduced overall forest biodiversity or led to the extinction of any species of plant or animal.